Perros actores de cine

Dog actors for movies trained by Rafael Casado Rafael Casado

Dog actors for movies trained by Rafael CasadoRafael Casado is a Spanish dog trainer since 1969, specialised in the work with dogs for movies and commercials (films and advertising).


The most exclusive training has driven him to work with his dogs for movies wherever a dog actor has been required.


His first work in movies took place with Mari, who debuted with a main role in the tv series ‘Curro Jiménez’ and ‘La Guerra de los Niños’, along with the music band Parchis. Rafael Casado’s first feature film with a group of dogs was ‘Conan the Barbarian’, which was just the beginning of a long career where his best dogs for movies have performed in many feature films, short films, commercials and theatre shows.


Rafael Casado

Tel  : 91 854 04 85

        615 54 95 31
Email: info@perrosdecinerafaelcasado.com


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